Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's Good for the Gander...

Cute letter in The Oregonian Tuesday. The writer most likely was ironically supporting a position opposite of what his letter stated, but it's definitely an unconventional proposal:

Serve this sector

It is lamentable that the residents of the Montavilla neighborhood have to look at prostitutes on their street corners. I think that The City That Works needs to establish an out-call center for the illegal sex workers, just like it has for the illegal laborers.

It seems to be discriminatory and sexist for The City That Works to aid and abet a sector of the illegal workforce dominated by men, and not provide the same level of service to sectors of the illegal workforce dominated by women.

DAVID ZIMMERMAN Northeast Portland

Of course, maybe the city could just hook up the hookers with free laptops so they can advertise on craigslist like all the others.

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